Mon pays c'est la Terre
If you had come across the three Baudelaires at this moment, you would have thought their lives were filled with joy and happiness, because even though they were exhausted, damp, and in very great danger, they began to laugh in their triumph. They were so relieved that something had finally gone right that they laughed as if they were at the circus instead of in the middle of a lake, in the middle of a hurricane, in the middle of trouble.

Не то чтобы To the End однозначно ассоциировалась у меня с Жаклин/Билли, но что-то в этом есть.
А я опять хотела обои для рабочего стола.
А исходники опять были в таком качестве, что я готова вернуться к тумблер-коллажам вот-прямо-сейчас.

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